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City staff suggest higher fare and shorter hours for Edmonton airport shuttle

With the 5-year contract set to expire, administration say they need more cash to keep the 747 bus running

Edmonton International Airport.

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Edmonton International Airport.

In an effort to keep the Route 747 running to the airport, city administration is asking councillors for more money—or to consider increasing prices and cutting service hours.

The city's five-year agreement with the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority expired back in April and wasn't renewed. The Authority had paid of total of $500,000 to keep the shuttle running, funds which now need to be found elsewhere, according to a report going to the Community and Public Service Committee on Monday.

They shuttle currently runs between Century Park transit station and the airport every hour, and every half hour during peak times. A ride costs $5, or two bus tickets.

The report says ETS requires more funding to continue this level of service.

Current fares bring in $710,000 a year, but the shuttle costs $1.89 million to operate.

Administration is asking for a funding increase of $500,000.

Failing that, they want to offer the shuttle only during peak hours, and raise the fare to $7.50.

The monthly pass would also increase from $100 to $120.

The report will be presented to the Community and Public Services Committee meeting on Monday.

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