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Weed rules a big win for Alberta government: Poll

Insights West survey shows Albertans across party lines support the provincial regulations


Graham Paine / Lea, David


The Alberta government’s cannabis regulations have hit a high note with voters.  

A new Insights West poll found most Albertans agree with provincial regulations that will roll out when the drug is legalized next summer.  

Among the findings, 88 per cent of Albertans polled said they agree with the government’s decision to restrict pot smoking to areas where tobacco smoking is currently allowed.

Meanwhile, 78 per cent agree with allowing marijuana shops to operate under a specific licence, and 77 per cent agree with the age limit of 18.

Two-thirds agree with the decision to keep marijuana separate from stores that sell tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical products, and 63 per cent approve of the rule allowing people to keep up to four plants in their house.

The support for weed measures transcends party lines.

“The provincial government appears to have struck the right tone in dealing with the impending legalization of marijuana,” Mario Canseco, vice president of public affairs at Insights West, said in a press release.

“Supporters of the three main parties that contested the 2015 election are satisfied with the proposed framework.”

An October 2016 poll concluded 60 per cent of Albertans supported marijuana legalization in general, while 36 per cent opposed it.

Albertans aged 18-to-34 were the most likely to support legalization, at 85 per cent. That number fell to 54 per cent for those aged 35-54, and 45 per cent in the 55-plus age group.

Most Albertans are not willing to take the next step and legalize harder drugs, however. 

A vast majority of those polled oppose legalizing ecstasy (86 per cent), powder cocaine (also 86 per cent), heroin (88 per cent), fentanyl (88 per cent), crack cocaine (89 per cent) and methamphetamine or “crystal meth” (also 89 per cent).

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