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Profanity removed from NDP-bashing gas station sign

Tempo station in Spruce Grove drew cheers and cheers for 'F**K NDP/TRUDEAU' message

This sign at a Spruce Grove gas station has been removed after stirring controversy online.

Sean Amato / CTV Edmonton

This sign at a Spruce Grove gas station has been removed after stirring controversy online.

A Spruce Grove gas station got tempers flaring with a crudely worded sign this week.

People in the Edmonton area lit up social media Tuesday night and Wednesday morning with photos of a sign reading, “F**K NDP/TRUDEAU.”

Some cheered the message, while others who took issue said they will no longer support the business.

The sign coincides with the Monday implementation of the provincial carbon tax, which raised the cost of a litre of gasoline by about 2.5 cents at the pump.

Saskatoon-based Federated Co-op Ltd., the company that owns Tempo, condemned the sign in a Twitter post Wednesday.

“Yesterday, an independent business in Spruce Grove, Alta., with a marketing agreement to use the Tempo brand, posted a profane message on an electronic street sign. Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) does not condone or support this message,” the post reads. “As soon as notification of this message was received, the independent business owner was asked to remove it immediately. FCL understands that the operator has complied and removed the message from this sign.”

The sentiment remains, however – the sign has since been replaced with a new message: “NDP carbon tax hurts us all.’’

Some customers who fuelled up at the gas station before the profanity was taken down said they understand the motivation behind the message, but don’t agree with the wording.

“It’s a public board, and we shouldn’t be swearing on the public board,’’ one motorist said. “I have children.’’

On Twitter, one user called the stunt “juvenile and weak,” while another said it suggests the owner has no respect for his employees who will take the criticism for it.

Others applauded the stunt, with one Twitter user calling it the “best sign I have seen posted in years.”

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