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‘We really just want to help’: Local business students start homeless care package project

Non-profit project to donate all proceeds to Boyle Street Community Services

Some of the items that might be found in one of the packages put together as part of Bundles of Hope.


Some of the items that might be found in one of the packages put together as part of Bundles of Hope.

The homeless are always in dire need of basic necessities, especially deep in the winter.

Five business students out of MacEwan University have started Bundles of Hope, a non-profit project that plans to offer care packages containing $5 worth of necessities to the city’s homeless.

“Basically (our class) all had to have a start-up business that we run for five weeks,” said Lindsay Wick, one of the business students on the project.

“We decided to go for a non-profit because everyone in our group wanted to help out somehow, and didn’t just want to be the typical business that starts out making homemade products and sells it for cheap. We didn’t think that was worth it. We decided to do the Bundles of Hope.”

The project is accepting $10 donations for each bag, and once a week, the group, along with Boyle Street Community Services, will hand them out to those in need along the Boyle district, according to Wick.

All profits made will be donated to Boyle Street Community Services.

“The products that we’re buying are going to be eco-friendly products, because we do want to keep it sustainable,” she said.

Each bag contains essentials such as deodorant, toothpaste, small non-perishable food items and hand warmers.

The project started last Monday and plans to run for five weeks, but depending on its success, the students could take it beyond class. Wick is hopeful due to the large amount of sponsorships and donations they have already received.

“All of us agreed that we want to go to bed feeling like we actually made an impact to help someone,” she said.

“We want to start (change) with Edmonton, and we know there’s so much need for the community for that sort of thing, and we really want to spread awareness for it. Hopefully other people will catch on to what we’re doing. We really just want to help.”

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