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Citadel Theatre artistic director apologizes for past instances of bullying and harassment

Daryl Cloran said he heard several complaints about incidents that took place before he started the job 18 months ago

Citadel Theatre, January 16th, 2018

Kevin Tuong / Edmonton Freelance

Citadel Theatre, January 16th, 2018

The Citadel Theatre’s artistic director has apologized for bullying and harassment that allegedly took place at the theatre in the past.
Daryl Cloran, who took over the position 18 months ago, wrote an open letter posted online Tuesday acknowledging “there have been times that the Citadel has been a negative workplace for artists and staff.”

He said several allegations of harassment in the workplace were brought to him when he first started working there, and management moved quickly to address them.
“We are truly sorry for any harassment that has been part of the Citadel’s past, and we give our word that anyone who engages in bullying or harassment will not be permitted to work at the Citadel,” Cloran wrote.
The Citadel is working with human rights advisor Wade King as a third-party consultant to open a “safe disclosure process” allowing employees to bring forward any concerns they might still have.
The letter does not offer any specific details on the harassment or bullying.
Cloran spoke with Metro after posting the letter, but said the complaints were made in confidentiality and he could not offer further details on the nature of the complaints or who made them.

He said he has spoken with local artists about how to move forward and reclaim the theatre as a place where everyone can feel safe.

“I wrote this letter to reach out to everyone to say these are some initiatives we are rolling out to ensure that the Citadel is a safe place for artists to come take creative risks,” he said.

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