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'Sadistic torture': Edmonton businessman recalls 2013 kidnapping, assault

Alex Davidoff read an emotional victim impact statement in court Tuesday morning

Edmonton Law Courts building, March 13, 2018.

Claire Theobald / Metro

Edmonton Law Courts building, March 13, 2018.

A prominent Edmonton businessman fought back tears as he described being robbed of his livelihood, health and pride during a violent kidnapping in 2013.

“He robbed me of everything I worked for in my life, he robbed me of what I can never gain back,” said Alex Davidoff, reading an impassioned victim impact statement in court on Tuesday.

Crown prosecutor Kevin Mark called for a 15-year sentence for Raheel Ghias Khalon, who played a major part in the abduction and assault of Davidoff, pulled from the office of his Glenora Skyline development project near 142 Street and Stony Plain Road in July 2013.

He was then driven to a home in Sherwood Park where he was beaten for days until being rescued by police.

Khalon’s defense recommended an eight year sentence less seven-and-a-half months for time served in pretrial custody since Khalon, 31, was convicted of kidnapping in November 2017.

Khalon listened intently as Davidoff described how the “evil attack” left him permanently disabled and ruined his business.

Having immigrated to Canada in 1980 when he was 30 years old, Davidoff described working hard to build a successful life for his family, cobbling together a series of jobs until building himself up to a position of prominence.

Davidoff owned a jewelry company, but says he invested his life savings to achieve his vision of building a tower in Glenora.

“This day was the destruction of my life on an immeasurable scale,” said Davidoff.

Davidoff said he started buying land around the corner of 142 Street and Stony Plain Road in 2001, combining it into a developable parcel in 2008 before rezoning it to make way for his condominium project, the Glenora Skyline.

On July 21, 2013, court heard Davidoff was sitting alone in the Glenora Skyline office when a man entered. Davidoff was punched and choked before being put in the back of a car and driven to Amtul Khalon’s — Khalon’s mother — home where he was thrown in a bathtub.

Davidoff says he was unconscious for most of the “sadistic torture” he endured during his time in captivity, but described how his eyes were swollen shut, his jaw was broken, and he was left unable to move his limbs as his muscles were weakened by a lack of blood supply. He says he suffered permanent nerve damage and head injuries left his mind in a “heavy fog” for years after.

He described how his captors demanded money and that he tell them where his grandchildren were “to join me in this torture.”

David Chipere pleaded guilty to forcible confinement in October 2017 and was sentenced to 15 months behind bars, but was released on time served after being credited for pretrial custody.

Amtul Khalon is said to have fled to Pakistan.

Another man involved has never been identified.

Davidoff insists he did not know Khalon before his abduction, but knows the effect the attack had on his life well.

Davidoff blamed physical and emotional trauma suffered for the failing of his Glenora Skyline project, which he says cost him his life savings.

Even after years of physical therapy, Davidoff said, “I’m still and forever will be far from where I was.”

Justice Debra Yungwirth reserved her decision on Khalon’s sentence, which is expected to be delivered Wednesday.

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