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Kidnapper sentenced to 10 years for violent abduction of Edmonton businessman

Raheel Ghias Khalon, 31 will spend a decade in prison for his role in the kidnapping and extortion of Alex Davidoff in 2013

Edmonton Law Courts building, March 13, 2018.

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Edmonton Law Courts building, March 13, 2018.

Convicted kidnapper and extortionist Raheel Ghias Khalon, 31, was sentenced to a decade behind bars for his role in the violent abduction of an Edmonton businessman in 2013.

Khalon, wearing a light-blue collared shirt, remained emotionless as he listened to Justice Debra Yungwirth sentence him to 10 years for kidnapping and another 10 years for extortion Wednesday, to be served concurrently, with seven-and-a-half months credit for his time served in pretrial custody.

Both charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Yungwirth recounted disturbing details of the case.


On July 21, 2013, three men kidnapped Alex Davidoff from his office at his Glenora Skyline development on the corner of 142 Street and Stony Plain Road.

Davidoff had been lured to his office after receiving an email and a phone call from a ‘Mr. Winters’ to set up the meeting.

Davidoff briefly regained consciousness while in his captors’ car, bound and blindfolded.

He was taken to Khalon’s mother’s basement where he was kept in the bathtub. His kidnappers shone a bright light in his eyes so he could not see who was beating him.

Court heard how his abductors first demanded $500,000. When Davidoff said he couldn’t get it, they threatened his grandchildren, saying when they brought his grandchildren to the basement, “he would know how to find the money.”

Davidoff was rescued by police 36-hours later.

Injuries he sustained in what Davidoff described as an “evil attack” in his victim impact statement Tuesday plague him to this day, said Davidoff, suffering ongoing pain from his once broken jaw and enduring numbness in his fingers from nerve damage caused when his wrists were bound with duct tape.

Yungwirth said while Khalon providing the transportation of the victim and the location for his torture demonstrates the serious degree of his involvement, there isn’t enough evidence to prove whether Khalon masterminded the abduction or if it was one of Davidoff’s other captors.

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