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Bust will have 'significant impact on drug trade'

The RCMP in Nova Scotia have charged nine people in what they're calling one of the biggest drug busts of 2011.

Police say they seized 165 pounds of marijuana, seven kilograms of cocaine, about 2.5 kilograms of hash and hash oil, $185,000 in cash and nine vehicles over the past two days.

The seizure comes after a six-month investigation into drug trafficking in HRM and the province, with seven residences being searched.

Police say they searched residences at 11 Springvale Ave. and 3457 Claremount Ave. in Halifax, 84 Adelaide St. in Fairview, 69 Sapphire Ct. in Lower Sackville, 180 Charles St. in Timberlea, and apartments 6A and 12A at 1980 Margaret's Bay Rd., also in Timberlea.

“These arrests will have a significant impact on the drug trade in Nova Scotia,” said Chief Supt. Brian Brennan at a press conference at Halifax RCMP headquarters yesterday.

Police say the drugs, which were being trafficked from other parts of Canada, were destined for the streets of Nova Scotia, particularly HRM.

Police are investigating how the drugs entered the province but they “suspect they were probably driven here,” said Brennan. “I find it hard to believe that that quantity had been flown here, cost-wise.”

Police say the seized vehicles include a 2009 Acura TSX, a 2005 and 2007 BMW, a Volkswagen Jetta, a utility car and a one-ton truck.

“By taking drugs and cash out of the hands of dealers the RCMP is sending a message that we are going after those who are trafficking large amounts of drugs,” said Brennan.

Brennan said the group was highly organized and likely has years of expertise. He also said the charged individuals “leveraged a well-defined distribution network to move the drugs on to Nova Scotia streets.”

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