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Shipyard hiring outlined

Scott Jamieson, Irving's new vice president of programs, outlined on Thursday the process Irving will use in hiring suppliers for the $25 billion shipbuilding contract.

Jamieson plans to have a website or registry set up by the end of this year for those interested in being a supplier to Irving throughout the shipbuilding process.

That way, he said, companies can resister and check off what they are interested in supplying.

But Jamieson, who talked to reporters after a luncheon speech at the Halifax Club on Thursday, couldn't confirm specific details about site or the selection and tender process Irving will use to acquire suppliers.

“We realized everybody's really excited and keen to get involved,” he said. “We're five weeks into a 30-year program, so at the moment we're gathering that information so we can best put that into action when the time is right.”

Jamieson believes Irving was successful in the shipbuilding contract because they delivered a good quality proposal and good value.

“So clearly, that's the way we'll be evaluating who (are) the right people to be our suppliers and our partners going forward,” he said.

Jamieson said Irving has just started negotiating the main contract, or umbrella agreement, with the government.

“What we're keen to do is establish the principles with the federal government and make sure we understand what they're looking for and what they need,” Jamieson said.

He hopes to sign the first contract for the Arctic offshore patrol ships in 2012.

“As soon as we sign the contract for that we're going to be looking for our major suppliers.”

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