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Nova Scotia man gets house arrest for filming tanning salon patrons

A Westville man will spend the next six months under house arrest for setting up a hidden cellphone to record patrons changing in a local tanning salon.

Russell Alexander Wile, 34, received a nine-month conditional sentence Wednesday in Pictou provincial court.

Wile came into Coco Beach Tanning Salon on July 7 as a customer and set up the Iphone in one of the changing rooms, hidden behind a poster with holes poked in it so he could record through it.

An app on the iPhone made the device motion sensitive, so it would start recording as soon as someone moved in the room.

The phone was discovered by an employee before he returned to collect it the next day.

Fourteen people had used the change room before the phone was found. While the phone was set up to erase videos automatically after a certain time, police found images on the device and the images were permanently captured.

Wile worked for a cell phone company and had given the phone to a girlfriend as a gift, but when they broke up, she returned it to him. Police were able to track the iPhone to his ex-girlfriend and then to Wile, the court heard on Wednesday.

Wile admitted to police he knew it was stupid and wasn't surprised when police showed up at his home. He told police that he had always had an interest in adult material, “a tick,” like an addiction and had previously made hidden camera videos of his ex-girlfriend and a friend of hers at his house using the bathroom. However, he denied ever doing something like this in a public place before.

A pre-sentence report indicated that he struggles with a porn addiction.

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