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'We must do better': Savage

Mike Savage says it's time for a change in leadership at Halifax City Hall.

And, to the surprise of no one in a crowded Alderney Landing theatre during the lunch hour on Monday, Savage revealed he wants to bring that about.

“I can tell you that I did not consider (a mayoral run) hastily, and I didn't come to a conclusion quickly, as some of you may have pointed out to me,” Savage said.

“But I can tell you that I kept coming up with the same answer: It's time for change.”

About 400 supporters showed up to hear the former Liberal MP for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour formally announce his candidacy. Savage also unveiled three general themes for his campaign ' livability, entrepreneurship and inclusivity.

Details on how to make HRM more liveable, entrepreneur-friendly and inclusive were scant, however. Savage said he'll be spending the coming months getting feedback from members of the community on what they want from their local government.

Savage is the fifth candidate to enter the race.

While Savage thanked Mayor Peter Kelly for his hard work and devotion to the municipality, he also had a few choice words for the incumbent.

“Halifax is not a private club. We must do better than a mayor who governs in private and communicates in talking points,” he said. “We need a mayor of clarity and conviction.”

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