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'Tough decisions' ahead for CanJet flight attendants

CanJet has laid off the last 18 flight attendants working out of Halifax, the union says.

Mary Fougere is the union local's president and one of those who lost her job.

She said they met with the company Monday and learned they were all losing their positions.

"There was no sign leading up to this. We were on the end of a successful winter flying season," she told Metro on Thursday.

CanJet mainly offered winter routes to sunshine destinations out of Halifax.

"We're in shock that they're laying off all the members," she said.

CanJet could not be reached for comment, but Fougere said the cutbacks were due to a reduction in flights out of Halifax.

The 18 Halifax flight attendants are senior staff and have bumping rights across the country. The nearest base is Montreal. The other bases are in Toronto and Vancouver.

"They are having to make very tough decisions about relocating," Fougere said. "They did tell us they had hope that one day they would be able to recall these members."

She said CanJet did not tell them when any recall would take place. The cuts take effect on April 9.

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