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Halifax's Picnicface not giving up after plug pulled on show

A Halifax stand-up and sketch comedy troupe is asking Halifax to stand up in support.

The eight members of Picnicface were told last week that their namesake television show, which was broadcast by Bell Media’s Comedy Network, would not been renewed for a second season.

But the group isn’t giving up. Through viral videos and social media, Picnicface has quickly built a groundswell of support. In the first two hours, an online petition—at—accrued over 1,000 signatures.

“We hope we can mobilize that loyal and feisty fan base that we have,” said Evany Rosen, one of the troupe’s members. She hopes that the show finds a new home, whether with Comedy Network or elsewhere. “There’s always a chance, if we get a lot of support.”

Though Rosen was disappointed by the news, she wasn’t completely surprised.

“It’s a hard time to be making TV in Canada,” she said. “Bell is looking to make Canadian content that’s more reality shows and game shows, which can be great too, but we believe sketch comedy has an important role in Canadian television and deserves to stay alive.”

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