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Trash or treasure? Maritime conservatory throws out thousands of vinyl records

Some music lovers in Halifax are left scratching their heads after the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts threw out what is said to be thousands of vinyl records into the garbage.

On Tuesday, a Kijiji ad in Halifax reported that 10,000 records were sitting in the dumpster outside the conservatory on Chebucto Road, describing them as “classical, vintage and old vinyl.”

“We just simply had to clean them out,” said William Webster, chair of the conservatory’s board of directors, when contacted by Metro about the thrown-out records.

He added that the records, which he would only say "we're a lot," had been donated by people over the past few decades, and the building had no more room for them.

“I suspect that among them there are some treasures, but we just don’t have the staff to … sell them or put them out on display," Webster said.

After word of the records got out, some people on social media sounded off about the conservatory’s decision.

“Apparently the Maritime Conservatory has gone bonkers and is getting rid of 10k vinyls, get there before the rain hits,” Tweeted @will_hops

Added @angrypez4: “Both Canadian Pickers had strokes after reading this."

It's believed the records have already been sent to the landfill by HRM garbage collection.

Webster said staff at the conservatory had made an effort to give the vinyl to local record stores in the past.

“But there were just no takers for them,” he said.

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