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Dentists buy back Halloween candy for Canadian troops

Some dental practices around Halifax just got a lot sweeter.

On Thursday, the Pro-Dent Laboratory and seven dental offices collected Halloween candy from kids around HRM to send to Canadian Forces personnel overseas.

Annette Mary, manager of Nova Dental Associates in Sackville, said Pro-Dent gave them the idea for the program.

“They have husbands or wives in the military,” Mary said about her staff. “It was part that, and we thought it was a great volunteer thing to do.”

Parents dropped off bags of candy throughout the day, and by 3 p.m., more than 15 pounds of treats had rolled in, with more expected through the afternoon and evening.

Children who gave up their goodies were encouraged to sign a note with their address, so the military members could send back a thank-you letter.

“It’s something that’s really nice because they know that the treats got to them,” Mary said.

Naturally, dentists are also happy to reduce the amount of sticky, chewy treats going into kids’ mouths after Halloween.

“We get a lot of children in with spacers off, their crowns or caps come off because of it. And then in the long term it’s cavities,” Mary said. “If we can get some of the candy from them, then that’s great,” she said.

The children didn’t walk away empty-handed after the donation though. They got $1 for every pound of candy they brought in -  and healthier treat bags of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Stepping Stone also accepting candy donations

A local support and advocacy group for sex workers is asking people to donate their leftover Halloween Candy.

Rene Ross, executive director of Stepping Stone, says any candy that didn’t get snapped up by trick or treaters could be put to good use as part of the organization’s outreach effort.

“Treats are always a really good way to make contact with new folks,” Ross said, adding that financial constraints prevented the group from buying its own candy. “We have been feeling the budget crunch like everyone else,” she said.

You can email to arrange a place to drop off your extra candy.

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