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Halifax police issue warning after naked man spotted on lake

This was pretty ballsy.

A Halifax RCMP officer in Bayside got an unexpected view of a naked man standing on a frozen lake while out on patrol Monday around noon time.

In the 4800 block of Prospect Street, the officer noticed a car pulled onto the side of the road near a lake, and two people in the middle on the ice, said Cpl. Scott MacRae.

“To his surprise, he noticed a middle-aged, naked man and a woman in her 20s taking pictures of him,” MacRae said.

When the two people came to shore, MacRae said the officer advised them their behaviour was unsafe because of weak ice conditions, and they apologized.

The photo shoot was part of the woman's art project, MacRae said.

MacRae added since the public had not been disturbed, the officer let them off with a safety warning about frozen lakes and no charges were laid.

“He advised them if they wanted to continue the art project they should continue in a safer environment,” MacRae said.

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