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Halifax police seek rightful owners of abandoned angel statue

It’s not weeping and it didn’t come from a local construction site - it just needs to go home.

A police request for help finding the owner of an angel statue abandoned in Bedford caused a little excitement among local Dr. Who and Simpsons fans Tuesday.

The one-metre tall figurine was found outside a building on Nelson’s Landing around 8:20 p.m. Monday.

It has a metal rod protruding from the bottom, and Const. Pierre Bourdages said it looks like it came from a place of worship.

“It's a church angel, something that would be somewhere religious,” he said. “It's weathered, so it's been outside for, I would say decades.”

Dr. Who fans had another theory involving malevolent aliens who appear as weeping stone angels, and can move only when no one’s looking at them.

“DON’T BLINK!” Time Lord devotees tweeted repeatedly.

Simpsons fans wondered whether the angel was unearthed from a construction site, referencing Lisa's discovery of an “angel fossil” during an archeological dig.

Bourdages said it’s hoped the publicity will help get the angel home.

“There's a lot of people trying to help, they're reposting through Facebook and Twitter, so hopefully a parishioner somewhere will realize it's missing from their church,” he said.

Anyone with information or who recognizes the angel can call police at 490-5016.

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