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North-end Halifax restaurant helping to drive food truck culture

A north-end restaurant is driving gourmet food truck culture into Halifax by adopting an avant-guarde approach to remodeling.

The Brooklyn Warehouse is overhauling its kitchen. But rather than close shop, co-owners and father-son duo George and Leo Christakos rented the locally-owned Nomad Gourmet food truck to keep their restaurant humming over the next few weeks.

“The food truck culture has gone crazy in the last three to four years... sprouting out of California and moving eastward across the continent,” said Leo Christakos while sitting in the restaurant’s dining room Thursday.

“We created a menu that reflects the food truck scene, but did it in our style.”

Packed into the truck’s humble kitchen, two chefs were all smiles as they chopped tomatoes and prepped for their first orders on Thursday.

Hours later, they would pass meals through what normally serves as a take-out window. The food would then be served to customers in the dining room as usual.

Mark Gray, the restaurant’s head chef, created its newly-minted 10-item menu that puts a spin on traditional street cuisine and utilizes the truck’s unique gear.

It features smoked duck ceasar that includes “truck” smoked duck breast, chopped romaine, crispy pancetta and polenta croutons topped with That Dutchman Farm’s dragon breath dressing for $7.

The warehouse is using a grassroots crowd funding technique — borrowed from U.S. President Barack Obama — to help pay for the $40,000 kitchen renovation. So far its raised $8,525, according to its website.

George Christakos said the fundraiser is about giving back to the community and being transparent with customers about a growing restaurant’s needs.

“That interaction with the customer... they’re really able to latch onto our story and we have a deeper relationship with this customer than some of the other great restaurants that we friendly compete with.”

The Brooklyn Warehouse is open 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday until March 2.

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