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Dump and Run sells a taste of the student life to hundreds in Halifax

When Metro university students migrate from Halifax for the summer, they leave behind a veritable treasure trove of odds and ends.

Bargain hunters were out in full force Sunday to take advantage of the student exodus, peeling through a gymnasium stuffed with clothing and furniture, books and knickknacks at the 11th annual Halifax Dump and Run.

Think of it as a glorified yard sale. “Halifax’s biggest, you might say,” says Susan Murray, co-organizer of the Dump and Run.

The event, held in Dalhousie’s Studley Gymnasium, was sponsored by Saint Mary’s Environmental Society and Dalhousie’s Office of Sustainability.

Murray, a fourth-year environmental science student at Saint Mary’s, says the point of the event is to divert belongings from the landfill back into the community.

“If people put a couch outside and it rains, that’s the end,” she says.

For the past month, the Dump and Run team has collected thousands of donations from students and the community.

“Students are such a big contributor to this because of the time of year,” says Murray. “People are moving out of residence, and I feel that’s when a lot of things go in the garbage.”

David Holden, a second-time attendee, came to the event to find some new clothing.

“There’s still quite a lot of good clothes that students use,” says Holden as he sorts through a pile of shirts. “If you were to throw everything out you’d have so much garbage.”

Murray says this year’s Dump and Run raised $6,600.

The money raised will go towards a handful of charities. In the past, charities like Feed Nova Scotia, Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia and Alice Housing have benefitted.

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