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Target to open its first three stores in HRM on Tuesday, Sept. 17

The wait is over shoppers wanting know when Target would be opening its first stores in HRM.

In a release issued by the company on Friday, Target Canada announced that 23 stores in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia would be opening on Tuesday, Sept. 17. That includes the HRM stores - Mic Mac Mall, Bedford Place Mall and Bayers Lake.

“We look forward to opening our first stores in Quebec and Nova Scotia as we carry out an unprecedented retail expansion covering all 10 provinces across Canada this year,” Tony Fisher, president, Target Canada, says in a statement. “Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario offer a variety of culturally diverse markets and we look forward to serving our new guests and engaging with these great communities.”

Target hopes to have 124 stores open across Canada by the end of the year. Currently, there are 68 stores open.

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