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Elizabeth May says she's 'shocked' over Nova Scotia NDP's environment decisions

As the Nova Scotia Green Party unveils its platform Tuesday, Elizabeth May of the federal Green Party said she has never been “more disappointed” in a provincial government than Premier Darrell Dexter’s.

While on Dalhousie University campus for a science rally Monday, May told reporters that now is the time for voters to start “pushing” at traditional parties and asking for better environmental policies.

“I thought Rodney MacDonald’s government was as bad as we were going to get on the environment, and then Darrell Dexter was worse,” said May, a graduate of Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law.

“I was so shocked.”

May said Dexter’s decision to approve an oil well near Lake Ainslie in Cape Breton without an environmental review was especially concerning.

She added that making Sable Island into a national park, on the federal-provincial agreement that the park would “not impede the production of fossil fuels,” was one of the NDP’s most “outrageous” moves this year.

“If that’s your starting point, you’re not likely to get a park that actually protects an ecosystem,” May said.

Although the federal and provincial Greens aren’t officially connected, May said she will be “rooting” for the Nova Scotia Green Party to become a strong option in the election this fall.

“I hope it’s time for the Greens in Nova Scotia to do well,” May said.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia launched its candidate list and platform Tuesday, which leader John Percy said focuses on a “healthy economy, healthy communities, and a healthy environment.”

“All three are essential ingredients in a sustainable way of life. Ignore one and the other two fail,” Percy said in a release.

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