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Cops issue warning about man going door-to-door in Halifax asking for money

Halifax police have issued a public warning about a man going door-to-door asking for money for his car that ran out of fuel.

On Sunday night around 9 p.m. , police say a man living on Robert Murphy Drive in Halifax had a man knock on his door asking for money to buy diesel for his car. The resident handed the man some money on the condition he return and pay him back once he got the diesel.

The man, however, never came back.

A similar incident took place Monday night on MacDonald Street. Police say a man working outside his home was approached by someone saying he was out of diesel, and he either needed some diesel, or enough money to buy some. The resident refused and the man left on foot empty handed.

Police believe the same person is involved in both of instances. He's described as being between the ages of 35 and 45, medium build, about five-foot-eight with a square jaw and short, dyed-blonde hair.

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