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'I'm still shaking:' mystery man hands out $50 bills in Dartmouth neighbourhood

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June Bond said she was “still shaking” Tuesday afternoon as she talked about a mysterious stranger walking up to her Dartmouth home and handing over two $50 bills.

Bond and Bill MacNamara were having a cigarette on their porch around 9 a.m. Tuesday when a yellow Nissan Xterra pulled up and the man got out, she said.

At first she thought he might have been selling something, Bond said, before he handed over the bills and two silver $5 coins. She said he then told the couple to “look up and say thank you” as he pointed to the sky.

“Next thing you know, we’re both crying and you can’t get any words out,” Bond said with a smile.

“I’m still shaking.”

The couple couldn’t believe their luck, and MacNamara even held up the bills to a light to make sure they were real, he said with a laugh.

“You hear of random acts of kindness but it’s usually a Tim Horton’s coffee … you don’t get $100,” Bond said. “It came at a time that we needed it too.”

Bond said she wanted to tell their story so she could find the modern-day Robin Hood and give him a big hug and ask him why he gave away the money.

“Who is he? Why is he doing this?” she said. “We want to get to the bottom of it.”

The man had dark hair, a salt and pepper beard, was dressed like a “normal every day guy” and didn’t look especially rich, Bond said.

He even gave out two more $50 bills to two women in the nearby parking lot of a convenience store, said a man working at the store’s counter.

The stranger handed over the money and said it was a message from God or something similar before the women excitedly ran into the store, he said.

Cathy, one of the women, said she is on disability and had been running low on money for rent and food for the month so she took the $50 and bought groceries at Sobeys.

"It was a blessing," said Cathy, who preferred not to give her last name but said she hopes to find the man and tell him how much his kind act meant to her.

Bond said she will be taking her three-year-old daughter, Abigail, shopping with the unexpected funds among other things, but the silver coins will be framed and hung on the wall for Abigail and her other six-month old, Gabrielle.

MacNamara said the man told them to pass along the money if they knew of someone else who needed it more than them, and Bond said they will definitely find a way to “pay it forward.”

Since the story was published online, multiple people across HRM say they saw the same man on Monday and Tuesday handing out money.

One man said he was given $100 by a stranger on Wyse Road near the Sobeys, and another said he was walking in downtown Halifax when a man approached him and handed over a $100 bill and two fifty cent pieces from 1960 and 1951.

"I thought it was all a joke at first then when I tried to give it back he just pointed at the sky and kept telling me to thank god," Brennan Maher said in a Facebook comment.

A woman who said she works at a bar in north end Dartmouth also commented on the story, saying two of her customers came in at different times to report that a man had walked up to them, handed money over and said it was a "gift from God."

He also told them to buy food for everyone at the bar.

"I couldn't believe it....still can't. Just goes to show...there are still a few good people left in the world," the woman wrote.

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