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'Doing the world good:' Dozens say they've gotten free money from mystery man in HRM

The mystery surrounding an unusually generous man in HRM continues to grow as dozens of people have now reported that he gave them a $50 or $100 bill, told them to “pay it forward,” and thank God for the act of kindness.

He is often described as middle aged, wearing a red jacket, jeans and work boots with a beard, but Tina Gaetz of Dartmouth said he was clean-shaven. Some people received $50 bills and silver coins while others got $100 bills.

“It was really weird. I didn’t know what to make of it,” Gaetz said about the night she met him on Pinecrest Drive and received $100.

Gaetz said the man told her he had “the best job ever” but his legs were cramped from walking around the city.

Jessica Bradstock-Young said via Twitter she saw him on a bus where he gave out six $100 bills and told people he lives in the woods.

Bradstock-Young and a man who met him on Barrington Street said he talked about a movement coming to take the wealth from the “one percent” and distribute it to the people.

Among the happy stories of people all over HRM getting unexpected kindness from the modern-day Robin Hood, many raised concerns over whether the man had mental-health issues and if people should be accepting the cash.

Bev Cadham of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s local branch said the man approached two people affiliated with their program, and she doesn’t think he is experiencing mental illness.

“He’s a generous individual and is wrapped up in the acts of kindness, and is wanting to help people,” Cadham said.

June Bond got two $50 bills from the man on Tuesday morning and then passed the kind act along by paying for an older couple’s items at the Dollar Store. She also had her daughter Abigail take over $5 to a girl in the store with the same name.

"He said if you don’t need it, pass it along. That sticks in the head," Bond said. “I think he’s doing the world good. It opened my eyes."

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