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Complaints of hot dogs in hot cars keeping Halifax police busy again as warm weather hits

Halifax police want residents to change their shopping habits after responding to a number of cases of dogs trapped in hot cars while their owners shop.

Halifax Regional Police responded to 11 complaints between Thursday and Sunday of animals left in cars while the sun beat down and the temperature climbed into the 20s.

"The concerning fact in this is that all of these calls came from commercial areas," Const. Pierre Bourdages said Monday. "So, people are out shopping. In one case people were at a church parking lot. People went to church and left their dogs."

Bourdages said police deal with these complaints every summer, with sometimes as many as 15 complaints in a single day.

When officer's arrive, if they cannot locate the owner, police will smash vehicle windows to rescue an animal. In extreme cases animal cruelty charges can be laid.

"Pet owners take it for granted that it's just part of their habits," he said. "But these habits have to change."

To counter the habit, some businesses are posting signs in their windows reminding shoppers not to leave pets in their cars. Citizens are not shy about calling police.

"People are on the lookout," he said. "Our citizens are vigilant, and they do call police when they see pets that seem to be in distress."

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