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Turtle power: Bruins forward Brad Marchand makes new friend, shows off on Twitter

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand came out of his Twitter shell Tuesday.

The Hammonds Plains hockey star has apparently had some summer fun, as he posted a picture of a turtle to the social media platform, simply stating “caught myself a new pet.”

It has created quite a stir among the Interwebs, with teammates and fans alike responding and reacting to Marchand’s new reptile friend.

 Brad Marchand.

Brad Marchand.

“I like turtles … ” said Boston teammate Torey Krug, referring to a viral video featuring a kid dressed up as a zombie who said exactly that to a news anchor.

“You should name it,” said one fan, and hence forth came name suggestions, including “Hab,” “Herman” and “ShowUpInPlayoffsMarchand.”

By early Tuesday evening, Marchand’s Tweet had received 301 re-Tweets and 1,158 “favourites.”

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