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Monday morning snowfall causes Monday morning mayhem on Halifax roads

Another dose of snow in Halifax led to gridlock on most of the city’s major routes for the morning commute.

Snow started falling early Monday morning, making the roads slick and greasy for the morning rush hour.

Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages said the first accident in the Halifax area patrolled by HRP and RCMP was reported around 6:20 a.m.

By 9:30, he said police had responded to a total of 32.

"It's a mix of everything," said Bourdages. "We have a head-on collision on the Waverley Road. We have lots of vehicles off the roads, one that's rolled over on Agricola and Ontario."

Bourdages said there were minor or no injuries in most cases.

By 8:30 a.m., traffic on the Bedford Highway was backed up as far as Hammonds Plains Road and twitter was otherwise flooded with updates about the conditions and delays.

“40 mins for less than 2kms travelled. At this rate I will be at work by noon! And it's only 10kms from home! “ tweeted @Bloomersrpurdy at 8:57 a.m.

Amid the road updates were other nuggets of critical information – retail outlets that just received new shipments of salt, for example – as well as general commentary on the situation.

“Day like today, rail wld be a faster commute to Halifax or Dartmouth vs sitting on the Bed-hwy in snow and slush for hrs.!” observed AeroVisionUAV.


Despite the poor conditions, all Halifax Regional School Board schools were open for the day, but Stock Transportation tweeted out dozens of reports of delays or buses not travelling on some side roads.

By 9:30 the snow was beginning to taper off. Environment Canada's forecast called for the snow to end by the afternoon, with conditions clearing overnight.

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