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'Fast and furious:' Sunday's storm one of the worst to hit Halifax this winter

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A meteorologist with Environment Canada is calling a winter storm that hit Halifax on Sunday one of the worst the city has experienced this season.

Darin Borgel said recorded snow fall amounts ranged between 12 centimetres around the Halifax Stanfield International Airport to higher than average amounts of between 20 to 35 in the city’s downtown and central Dartmouth.

Usually, he explained the inland regions of the province are spared from the worst of a storm’s snowfall compared to the coastal areas — but not this time.

“It came down pretty fast and furious,” he said of Sunday’s snow.

The storm, which began late Saturday with light snow intensified as the night rolled on, ending with ice pellets and freezing rain by morning, bringing with it gusts of wind around 90 km/h in some parts of the province, Borgel explained.

On Sunday, the majority of flights at the airport were cancelled or delayed while much of the city was shut down, save winter crews that city spokesperson Jennifer Stairs said were out in full-force trying to clean up the mess.

“If (residents) don’t need to be anywhere it’s probably best they stay of the roads while crews clear the streets,” Stairs said Sunday, adding the overnight parking ban was in effect.

Deteriorated road conditions also led Halifax Transit to implement their snow plan, suspending its entire service for about an hour in the morning.

But thankfully, both Halifax Regional Police and the RCMP reported no significant accidents or injures occurred, minus a few cars off the roads.

“When it’s really bad people ‘get it’ and stay off the roads,” RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Al LeBlanc said Sunday.

“Everyone knew the storm was coming,” he said, adding drivers should continue avoiding roads for the next day or so unless absolutely necessary.

On Sunday, Borgel said Environment Canada essentially hit the nail on the head with its prediction for this latest storm, but is more uncertain about another weather system headed our way.

At the moment, he said the possibility of another storm on Tuesday or Wednesday is low, except for a light sprinkle of the white stuff.

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