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Transit tweets roll in: Halifax Transit hosts digital town hall

The city’s latest town hall meeting on the transit redesign had staff staring into computer screens for more than an hour on Wednesday.

Halifax Transit’s Twitter townhall meeting from 2 to 3:30 p.m. used the hashtag #maketransitbetter and generated dozens of questions from residents, with many asking about route changes, more frequent service, and questioning how many consultants even used it.

“I’m calling for all metro transit management to commute on the bus. If it's good enough for us, it's good enough for them,” @VarSlashWww tweeted.

They also asked Mayor Mike Savage to set “a bold example” by using transit for official business.

Others brought up ideas like transit Wifi, rush-hour frequencies all day, and an overnight route or at least one that ran until bars closed on weekend nights.

One person suggested fining smokers at bus shelters to cut down on litter and create revenue, while others asked for a crosstown north end corridor, and discounts for students who can’t use their IDs to board the bus.

A few asked about plans for transit priority lanes since “buses stuck in traffic aren't very efficient,” to which Halifax Transit replied they are “working on ways to measure cost/benefit to help find the best places for investment.”

Multiple people asked to have the next town hall outside busy work hours so more people could join in.

It was difficult to follow the exchange between a Twitter user and transit staff since they didn’t always reply to a specific person, or didn’t include the town hall hashtag, some said.

The transit redesign survey can be answered until April 24 at

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