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Halifax protesters join nationwide rallies against Bill C-51

HALIFAX - More than 100 protesters gathered at Victoria Park and marched down Spring Garden Road on Saturday to protest the federal government's controversial proposed anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51.

Krista Simon, a local organizer and member of Protest Canada, says that Bill C-51 threatens the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

"Part of what the legislation would allow is for the dredging of all and every individual's personal information," she said. "Emails, telephone calls and social-media posts would be monitored and the government could choose to cut you off."

Simon doesn’t believe Canada is under any immediate attack by terrorists, and feels police are already dealing with any potential threats in the current system.

“Incidents that have occurred in Canada, including anything that happened at the mall, was squashed before it happened,” she said. “These things are being realized by the police system that is in place.”

Judy Haiven, an associate professor of management at Saint Mary’s University, spoke against Bill C-51 at the rally.

“The bill is going to turn CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) into a secret police force with unlimited oversight and no accountability,” she said.

“Bill C-51 opens the door to abuse of our charter rights including the rights to free speech and the rights to free expression online."

Protesters in 31 cities across the country participated in similar rallies. The final vote on C-51 will take place shortly after Parliament resumes on April 20.

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