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Tom's Little Havana moving, other tenants packing up on Spring Garden Road

The end is in sight for a building that many businesses, including two well-known watering holes in downtown Halifax, have called home for years.

Lynne Ferguson, co-owner of Tom’s Little Havana confirmed on Monday they will be packing up and moving Oct. 1.

The decision comes after almost a decade of rumours that the building’s owner, Westwood Developments Limited, would be demolishing the property and constructing a new development.

The building, located between Spring Garden Road and Doyle Street at the corner of Queen Street, houses a slew of different businesses, including a Bank of Montreal and Rogues Roost, as well as Tom's and Locas Billards.

Metro Halifax reached out to the property owner, but they did not return comment.

Initially, Ferguson said she was anxious about what would become of Tom’s, which is known as much for its intimate atmosphere as for its beer, but now the strange reality of moving is slowly settling in.

“I think everybody will have a few tears. It’ll be sad," she said.

However, she said they are currently in talks with a few potential property owners and hopes to make a formal announcement in the next two weeks.

“The real hardcore regulars know that we’re moving somewhere close,” she said, hinting only that the bar, along with The Fireside restaurant which she also co-owns, will be within a four block radius of their current locations.

She believes that “new is good," although jokes they will have to “muddy up,” the bar’s new spot to make it truly feel like Tom’s.

They still even have the contact information of the artist who painted the bar’s mural 18 year ago, she added

Across the hall from Tom’s, Rogues Roost also has a back-up plan in the works and are waiting on official word from the building’s owner, according to an employee on Monday.

Staff at Mid Point Coffee confirmed their last day of business will be at the end of May.

Juanita Spencer, executive director of the Spring Garden Business Commission, believes the potential new development is a ‘win-win’ for the strip, saying increased density will drive up the number of shoppers, which is good news for nearby businesses.

“It’s going to help with the revitalization of the area,” she said.

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