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'We worked hard to get what we have:' councillor asks to have 'Dartmouth' restored to municipal signs

One city councillor and former Dartmouth mayor believes the people have spoken when it comes to the name of their community, regardless of what the signs say.

“We know where we live,” Gloria McCluskey said outside city hall chambers Tuesday.

“We live in Dartmouth. We worked hard to get what we have over there. So let’s keep it.”

During Tuesday’s regional council meeting, McCluskey presented a petition with more than 1,600 signatures, asking that the name ‘Dartmouth’ be retained on landmarks around the area, such as the Dartmouth Common and Dartmouth Waterfront, as well as the recently changed Sullivan’s Pond.

Recently, a community board near the pond was replaced to bear the new Halifax branding, inciting anger amongst many in the community, demanding the area’s distinct identity should be respected and represented on municipal signage.

“It’s Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth. And it is not Halifax and it never will be,” McCluskey said Tuesday.

“Imagine, telling Sidney Crosby he’s from Halifax. He’s from Cole Harbour.”

She explained that the rationale behind the new branding, which was introduced last year, was to market the city regionally, as well as internationally.

Therefore, to switch signs over in Dartmouth is pointless, McCluskey said.

At least with the former branding as the Halifax Regional Municipality all communities were represented, she says, adding she’s confident only more landmarks will be lost to the name ‘Halifax’ as time rolls on.

And although McCluskey questions the level of support such a motion to restore the name Dartmouth would garner at council, she's considering it.

“If that’s going to proceed we have to do something to stop it.”

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