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It's official: Donair declared the people's food in Halifax

Mayor Savage had to break tie vote to make make official proclamation.

The donair has been declared the city's official food.

Jeff Harper/Metro

The donair has been declared the city's official food.

After a vote that was tighter than your pants after eating one, Halifax regional council has proclaimed the donair the city’s official food.

At Halifax Regional Municipality's city council meeting Tuesday, the gallery erupted with laughter at the tie vote - seven to seven - before Mayor Mike Savage added his name to the pro-donair side, making it official.

Coun. Linda Mosher started the campaign in October, urging her fellow councillors to look at all the media coverage about the sweet and spicy concoction, and what it does for the city’s tourism and small business sectors.

Some of those fellow councillors found that ridiculous, and questioned the amount of time spent on the issue by council.

“Is this really what we’re about?” Coun. Bill Karsten asked at the meeting. “Is this really council’s business?”

Speaking to reporters gathered outside chambers after the meeting, Savage questioned the amount of time media spent on the issue.

“I don’t think people should overreact to this. Have a bit of fun with it, have your donair, and good luck to the people who sell them,” he said. 

“It’s a done deal, we’re on to other things that make more important impact in the community.”

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