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Nova Scotia seeks to verify 'Roman sword' found off Oak Island

The sword will be showcased on an upcoming episode of The Curse of Oak Island on The History Channel.

The supposedly Roman sword found off Oak Island


The supposedly Roman sword found off Oak Island

A supposed Roman sword discovered off the coast of Oak Island would be “nice” to have – if it turns out to be legitimate, says the province’s communities, culture and heritage minister.

On Thursday, Tony Ince said no one in his department has seen the sword, which will be debuted through the History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island series later this month.

“Staff is interested in hearing about it,” Ince said.

“I would urge anyone who has it or has any connection to it, to look to the experts that deal with Roman artifacts … to try to verify whether or not this is a legitimate find.”

An episode titled Sword Play is set to air Jan. 19.

Details of the finding were published in The Boston Standard, a U.K. paper, in December with notes from self-described historic investigator J. Hutton Pulitzer, a researcher on the show.

Ince said the sword would not be covered under the province’s Special Places Protection Act because it was found before the act came in, but anything found in the future would be turned over to the government.

“It would be nice, but I’d leave that up to the experts and find out whether or not there is a real sword, and the sword is from that period,” Ince said.

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