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Dreamy dining: Halifax claims three of top 50 most romantic Canadian restaurants

But if you haven't booked your Valentine's Day table yet at this three hot spots - better luck next year, lovers.

A Valentine's Day setting.

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A Valentine's Day setting.

Open Table has revealed its 50 most romantic restaurants from across Canada and three Halifax eateries made the cut.

But if you haven’t yet made Valentine’s Day reservations for you and your significant other at two of these top three, you are out of luck.

The top three restaurants as judged by Open Table diners were Cut Steakhouse, da Maurizio and The Press Gang.

Metro Halifax reached out to all three restaurants. As of press time Thursday, Da Maurizio and Cut Steakhouse were able to confirm they were solidly booked for the big day.

“The Steakhouse is fully booked. We believe that because the 14th is a Sunday this year, guests will be more apt to expand the celebration to the entire weekend,” said Cut Steakhouse owner Melissa Carey.

Her restaurant's phone starts ringing before Christmas to take Valentine’s Day bookings so get a kick-start on next year.

Carey believes Cut made the cut in part because of its ambitious wine program, four-diamond award, service, and award-winning chef Luis Clavel.

Their most popular Valentine’s Day menu item? The in-house butchered and dry-aged steak.

At da Maurizio, some diners book for next year’s Valentine’s Day a year in advance.

“This year our Valentine’s rush starts (Thursday) night because when people couldn’t get in Sunday they booked for Saturday then that booked up and they got in for Friday and then Thursday,” said da Maurizio owner Tanya King.

“Some will book for next year as they’re going out the door this year.”

King believes her restaurant made the top 50 list because of its décor, music and quiet ambiance. She said the nooks and crannies make the space seem cozy even when it’s bustling.

The big food draws for da Maurizio’s on Valentine’s Day are the calamari and special ravioli.

“Calamari is every day of the year, but people will splurge on it. Another favourite item is handmade stuffed ravioli in a heart shape,” she said.

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