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Halifax radio station changing its music format, to bring in more 90s

Changeover marks the second time in three years for Newcap's 96.5.

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Halifax is going to have a little more 90’s on its airwaves, as Radio 96.5 becomes Mix 96.5

In a release issued Thursday, the Newcap radio station said it is looking to appeal to young listeners who enjoy hearing a variety of music on the radio.

“There are plenty of disenfranchised listeners who deserve a radio station for them,” said Ken Geddes, general manager for Newcap Halifax, in a statement. “Mix 96.5 is that radio station.”

In 2013 the station made the switch from Kool 96.5, a 70’s and 80’s station, to Radio 965, a more modern station playing popular acts like Imagine Dragons and Matt Mays.

Mix, as it’s now called, will be playing music from the 90’s to modern day hits like Adele, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran.

The station was to switch over to it’s new programming at 4 p.m. Thursday.

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