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Get handy, Halifax: Tool library expanding into larger space to serve DIY lovers

Halifax Tool Library is a non-profit group that allows residents to access tools of all types for a small yearly fee.

Tristan Cleveland, Halifax Tool Library co-director, poses for a photo at the new location on Thursday.

Jeff Harper / Metro

Tristan Cleveland, Halifax Tool Library co-director, poses for a photo at the new location on Thursday.

More tools will soon be available for the municipality's DIY lovers, as the Halifax Tool Library moves to a larger location Saturday.

Most people don’t want to buy a tool that they’re only going to use a handful of times, so the Halifax Tool Library creates a space where people can pay a small yearly fee to have access to a wide array of tools for any project.

The organization just recently reached it 300th member since opening in October 2014 and is constantly growing.

“We have 900 tools, all donated by the community and we haven’t had nearly close to enough space to house the tools,”  Halifax Tool Library co-director Tristan Cleveland said Thursday.

Once the group moves to a new location, it will be opening its doors to even more donations to add to the collection.

“We’d love to have a big tall ladder, that’s something people only need once in awhile, and when they need it, they really need it. The Holy Grail would be a belt sander, that’s been the single most requested thing,” he said.

While loaning tools is the main purpose of the organization, Cleveland wants the new space to also function more like a traditional library does.

“What’s even more exciting about this is that part of the motivation is to create a community space where people can hang out, talk about their projects, and share their ideas,” said Cleveland.

The new location will also feature a work table where people can be instructed on how to use the tools.

Eventually, Cleveland said he’d like to hold workshops at the location.

“We are very excited; since we started this project, this is the most energy we’ve seen from volunteers and think there’s a lot of opportunity for growth and for new members and volunteers to get involved,” Cleveland said.

“We just need people who love tools, love community, and want to get active on the DIY projects,” he said.

The new Halifax Tool Library will be opening at 6070 Almon Street and will be open for the public to check out from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. this Saturday.

Visit for full hours and more information.

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