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Halifax student starts social media initiative with a lot of heart

Make a heart, take a picture and share it online to bring a smile to someone's face.

Curtis Bureaux poses for a photo among the hearts at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

rebecca dingwell / for metro

Curtis Bureaux poses for a photo among the hearts at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

Curtis Bureaux is looking to spread the love.

About a week ago, Bureaux started Make a Heart Halifax. It’s a social media initiative with a simple premise: make a heart, take a picture and share it online.

“I just wanted to make someone’s day and let someone smile,” said Bureaux, a computer science student at Saint Mary’s University.

Bureaux often goes running in Point Pleasant Park, with a bench near the beach as his “check point.” There, he used rocks to put the first heart together and spelled out the words “make a heart,” taking a video and posting it on Instagram. Since then, dozens have taken him up on the invitation.

“Initially, people in my friend group were doing it. But now, strangers who I don’t even know are starting to share it,” said Bureaux.

“The second day I came down here in the morning (and saw the hearts), I had a smile as big as my face. I was so happy and giddy inside.”

Halifax Noise shared Bureaux’s Instagram video, which helped his social media following gain momentum.

“It blew up. It got like 2,000 views the first day.”

On Saturday morning, there were no heart-makers to be seen – but Bureaux noticed a few that hadn’t been there the last time he visited the park. Someone even put the effort into spelling out “no thank you” with the rocks.

“At first, people mimicked my basic outline, then some were filling in the hearts,” said Bureaux. “The really interesting one I saw was one made out of red rocks, and I don’t know where they even got those rocks from.”

Now, Bureaux hopes the initiative will spread to places outside Point Pleasant – like a public chalkboard – and maybe even to other parts of the country.

Until then, though, Bureaux is happy with how many people have shared their hearts.

“It is universal, and what’s special about (hearts) is it means different things to different people.”

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