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Tunes at our 'fingertips': Halifax musician Dylan Guthro spotted on streaming chart

He's currently sitting just below the likes of Mac Miller and Justin Bieber on Spotify’s Canada Viral 50.

Halifax musician Dylan Guthro.

Halifax musician Dylan Guthro.

The ability to stream tunes online is a more authentic way for music to reach listeners, Halifax singer-songwriter Dylan Guthro said Thursday.

Guthro himself is finding online success. He's currently sitting just below the likes of Mac Miller and Justin Bieber on Spotify’s Canada Viral 50.

Dance On Me – a song from Guthro’s R&B EP – was ninth on the list from the music streaming service as of Thursday. Guthro sees an advantage to having music available for free.

“A lot of people kind of look down on how easy to get music,” Guthro said Thursday. “But the truth of it is, every song in the world is at your fingertips right now.”

The ability to stream songs influences him as both a musician and a music fan.

“I can just pull my phone out and listen to anything I want,” said Guthro. “It makes me want to make better music.”

“The reason (the music) does well is people are adding it to their playlists and they’re listing to it," he said.

Guthro is “testing the waters” of R&B while continuing work with his band, Port Cities. He met Carleton Stone and Breagh Mackinnon about five years ago, and the three musicians began working together.

The trio has since travelled and collaborated with other groups and musicians. Stone, Mackinnon and Guthro all wrote Dance On Me together and worked on the track with Toronto-based electronic band Neon Dreams.

Recently, Port Cities won Casino Nova Scotia’s artist in residence competition, receiving $20,000 to go towards the band's music career.

“It’s great to be on the road with your best buds,” said Guthro. “I love playing with them and singing with them and writing with them.”

Port Cities has an album due out in early 2017. After that, Guthro said he’s hoping to go “full steam ahead.”

“We’re putting the plan together right now for what happens,” he said. “Meanwhile, we’re just trying to stay busy and write songs.”

As for R&B, Guthro isn’t yet sure where it will go.

“I feel like a lot of people who try to make that type of music – they’ll leave Halifax,” he said. “But I think we all want to create a bit more of a scene here with (R&B).”
Gurthro added that there are many great songwriters and producers throughout the province.

“You don’t have to go to far to make awesome music.”

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