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Candidate who lost by 15 votes asking city to look into election issues

Andrew Curran said he believes for some District 10 residents, voting was #toomuchtrouble

Andrew Curran


Andrew Curran

The candidate who lost to incumbent Russell Walker in Saturday’s election by 15 votes believes the municipality made mistakes in his district.

In an interview on Monday, Andrew Curran said he received several calls and reports from people who cited issues with signage and accessibility on election day.

But his biggest beef revolves around an apartment building located at 3471 Dutch Village Rd. where Curran said residents were told via HRM's website they weren't in District 10.

A drop down menu on the municipality’s website included three polling locations to choose from instead of one. Two of those three options sent them to vote in neighbouring District 9.

One voter tweeted to HRM’s Twitter account “way to confuse our districts and allow district 10 candidates to campaign our building but no district 9. #noidea #toomuchtrouble.”

Curran’s concern is that other people may have been similarly confused and decided not to bother. 

“It was human error only on this app on our website. For those that live at 3471 Dutch Village Rd. who received the mail-out telling them where to vote, it was correct,” Halifax Regional Municipality spokesman Brendan Elliott said in an interview.

“So it’s literally just this one occasion and we’re not aware of any other addresses where this similar situation occurred.”

Elliott said after looking into it they determined only two people from that building voted in the incorrect location.

“From our perspective yes it was unfortunate that this took place, but we’re also happy to report that with just two votes it would not affect the outcome of an election,” he said.

Curran believes more should be done.

“The right thing for the city to do is to go in and give everyone of those people a chance to revote in that building, if it’s only that building, because many people may have opted to not vote with all that #toomuchtrouble,” he said. - with files from Haley Ryan

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