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Metro becomes most-read newspaper in Halifax

For the first time ever, Metro's readership numbers have moved ahead of the Chronicle-Herald's.

Recent Metro Halifax newspapers.

Jeff Harper/Metro

Recent Metro Halifax newspapers.

Metro Halifax is now the most-read newspaper in the city.

Survey results released on Wednesday show for the first time in its eight-year history, Metro Halifax has surpassed the Chronicle-Herald in readership numbers.

Vividata, the media industry organization that measures print and digital audiences in Canada, released its latest quarterly readership results based on surveys from July 2015 to June 2016.

Metro Halifax has 110,000 weekday print readers compared to the Chronicle-Herald’s 107,000 readers. Metro’s numbers were up 15 per cent in the local marketplace, while the Herald experienced a growth of six per cent.

“The plan for Metro is to continue to be a local voice,” said Sandy MacLeod, chief operating officer for print for the Star Media Group.

“Local people, local faces, local events. To be real to the city that we’re in.”

Across the country, Metro has 1.68 million daily print readers. It is the No. 3 most-read print paper in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton; the No. 2 paper in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Toronto and is now the No. 1 paper in Halifax.

Cathrin Bradbury, Metro’s vice-president and editor-in-chief, said Metro is well placed to be the voice of Canada’s urban centres.

“Metro is in the right place at the right time: we’re young, we’re local, we’re people-driven, we’re optimistic,” she said. “We’re a paper that tackles issues that people in cities care about, and looks for solutions.”

Metro Halifax managing editor Phil Croucher said he’s thrilled with the survey results.

He pointed to his paper’s coverage of City Hall and its in-depth coverage of topical issues, notably the week-long ‘Faces of Mental Health’ series that ran this past May.

“This has been a goal of Metro Halifax since we started in 2008 and we are very proud of these numbers,” Croucher said in an interview.

“We have always been a newspaper for the people of Halifax, and we want to thank readers who are so supportive of our product.”

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