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Official Halifax municipal, school board election results released

The official voter turnout was 31.77 per cent, a drop from the last election that had 37 per cent.

Halifax City Hall

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Halifax City Hall

The official Halifax election results are in with no major changes from election night, but it remains to be seen what happens with possible recounts.

According to an HRM release Thursday, in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, the returning officer spent time on Tuesday and Wednesday completing the Official Addition.

The Official Addition is a meeting with interested candidates and their representatives to review the results of their election, poll by poll, by reading the entries in each poll book and tallying those numbers

After the appointments, HRM said time was spent to “review and authenticate” the accuracy of Saturday’s general election, and produce the official results.

The returning officer is reporting the candidates with the most total votes are:

Municipal Election:

Mayor: Mike Savage (62,096 votes)

District 1: Steve Streatch (2,245 votes)

District 2: David Hendsbee (3,266 votes)

District 3: Bill Karsten (acclaimed)

District 4: Lorelei Nicoll (acclaimed)

District 5: Sam Austin (2,372 votes)

District 6: Tony Mancini (3,565 votes)

District 7: Waye Mason (2,962 votes)

District 8: Lindell Smith (3,418 votes)

District 9: Shawn Cleary (3,740 votes)

District 10: Russell Walker (2,027 votes)

District 11: Stephen Adams (3,613 votes)

District 12: Richard Zurawski (1,607 votes)

District 13: Matt Whitman (4,090 votes)

District 14: Lisa Blackburn (2,062 votes)

District 15: Steve Craig (acclaimed)

District 16: Tim Outhit (acclaimed)

School Board:

District 1: Bridget Ann Boutilier (2,711 votes)

District 2: Nancy Jakeman (3,653 votes)

District 3: Gin Yee (acclaimed)

District 4: Cindy Littlefair (acclaimed)

District 5: Suzy Hansen (3,231 votes)

District 6: Linda MacKay (3, 272 votes)

District 7: Jennifer Raven (3,793 votes)

District 8: Dave Wright (acclaimed)

African Nova Scotian representative: Archy Beals (1,511 votes)

Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial representative: Lucien Comeau (1,276 votes), Marthe Craig (898 votes), and André Surrette (924 votes)

In three tight races it remains to be seen whether a recount will make a difference around the council table.

Andrew Curran lost to incumbent Russell Walker in District 10 (Halifax-Bedford Basin West) by just 15 votes, and has said he will apply to a judge for a recount.

For District 14 Middle/Upper Sackville-Beaver Bank-Lucasville, long-time councillor Brad Johns was defeated by Lisa Blackburn by 47 votes. Johns has said he would wait until the official results to make a decision.

Also waiting for the official tally to make a recount decision was incumbent councillor Linda Mosher, who lost to Shawn Cleary by 107 votes in District 9, Halifax West-Armdale.

The total number of votes cast in the municipality was 91,574, or 31.77 per cent of eligible voters.

That’s a dip from 2012, when 37.07 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots.

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