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WWE star Paige, fiance Alberto Del Rio, stop for donairs at KOD in Halifax

Tweet by famous women's wrestler garners big attention for popular city hotspot.

Paige and fiance Alberto Del Rio, eating Friday night at KOD on Quinpool Road.


Paige and fiance Alberto Del Rio, eating Friday night at KOD on Quinpool Road.

It was a one-two-three love affair for two wrestling superstars and Halifax’s most famous delicacy.

On the weekend, WWE superstar Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Belvis) and her fiancé, former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio (real name Jose Alberto Rodriguez), stopped by the King of Donair location on Quinpool Road to try some donairs.

Del Rio was in Halifax for an independent wrestling show at the Spryfield Lions rink on Saturday, and a day before entering the squared circle, the Mexican-born wrestler stopped by the KOD with Paige.

It was instant love.

“Trying the official food of Halifax!! It's amazing! Go to @KingOfDonair incredible!!!!!!,” wrote Paige on her Twitter read on Friday night.

The post has since been retweeted more than 500 times and liked 2,888 times.

Nicolas Nahas, co-owner of KOD, was at the restaurant Friday when the wrestlers showed up.

“Everything,” he said Monday about why they loved the donair so much.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

Nahas said the two were back at the location Saturday for lunch, then again after Del Rio's wrestling show Saturday evening, to again, dig into a delicious donair.

Nahas said they are used to having celebrities drop by to eat donairs at their Quinpool location, but said this is the biggest social media buzz they have received, thanks to Paige's Tweet.

“People are wondering what the donair is. Where Halifax is,” he said. “It’s creating a lot of curiosity.”

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