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Wrigley the Nova Scotia goldendoodle a hit on Twitter

The tweet went viral with help from Chicago Cubs' fans and canine lovers




TRURO, N.S. – With the final out, it was time to fulfill a promise.

After the Chicago Cubs ended the longest championship drought in Major League Baseball by winning the World Series on Nov. 2, Truro Daily News editor Joey Smith had to make good.

On Friday, he tweeted about welcoming their new pup.

Joey and Monique brought Wrigley home a short time ago. He was named in honour of the Cubbies’ iconic home field.

So Joey tagged his beloved Chicago team in his tweet, and by Sunday, it had gone viral.

The fact that the Cubs are still very much on the minds of sports fans, and Wrigley is just so darned cute, responses came fast and furious.

It caught the interest of, not only Cubs’ fans, but pet owners, many of whom also have golden doodle breeds, or canines named Wrigley.

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