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'Stand together:' Halifax rally to show solidarity with Women's March on Washington

City hosting one of 14 Canadian solidarity events next weekend in peaceful protest of Trump's election and inauguration.

Co-organizers of the Halifax rally Jackie Barkhouse, left and Dawn Ferris are pictured in Dartmouth.

Jeff Harper / Metro

Co-organizers of the Halifax rally Jackie Barkhouse, left and Dawn Ferris are pictured in Dartmouth.

When women walk in Washington next weekend to peacefully protest Trump’s election, it’s hoped hundreds in Halifax will rally in solidarity.

Women’s March on Washington-Halifax happens Jan. 21 at Grand Parade. It’s one of 14 local solidarity events taking place across Canada at the same time as the Washington march.

“I think it’s important that we stand together with our sisters and brothers in America who are going to be facing some of the worst four years probably in most recent history under the Trump presidency,” said Halifax rally co-organizer Dawn Ferris.

“Yes it’s a women’s march and yes it’s important that women push back against Trump’s misogyny and against all of the hatred and the division, but his reign is going to affect more than just women. So if you’re not a wealthy, white, able-bodied male in the States you’re going to feel the negative impacts.”

The hashtag for the event.

Jeff Harper/Metro

The hashtag for the event.

Ferris said she and co-organizer Jackie Barkhouse are hosting a rally rather than a march to ensure everyone, including those with mobility issues, can participate.

The event's Facebook page has started gaining traction, but Ferris said they’re continuing to actively reach out to any individual or group that may be interested.

“Anybody who is opposed to hatred and division and who wants to be inclusive of diversity will want to come out,” she said.

The event will include guest speakers, entertainment, and “pussy hats.” Ferris said the pink, cat-eared hats are intended to turn the crowd into a sea of pink solidarity.

“We’re going to make a collective oath and make a pledge that here in Canada, that hate and that division will not come into our politics,” she said.

“It will not come into our society’s conversation that we are going to be steadfast making sure we remain inclusive and a loving society embracing everyone.”

The Jan. 21 event runs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. snow, rain or shine.

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