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The new house call: Cribcut brings barbershop to Halifax homes, offices

Barber Jenna McDonald says working in new places everyday with the Halifax-based mobile service is rewarding, as well as more profitable.

Jenna McDonald of Crib Cuts works on Brendan Lantz at Admiral Insurance on Monday.

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Jenna McDonald of Crib Cuts works on Brendan Lantz at Admiral Insurance on Monday.

Jenna McDonald’s workplace changes everyday, while the people who come into it are often right at home.

McDonald, a professional barber for 10 years, visits people in their homes and offices across HRM with the Cribcut mobile barbershop service that launched a few months ago.

“It’s nice working in other environments and meeting a whole bunch of different other types of people. When you work in one shop, it’s one type of person that’s coming in from that area,” McDonald said Monday.

Monday afternoon saw McDonald drop into a Halifax insurance office for some employees to get their bi-weekly haircut, beard trims, and neck shaves finished off with a hot towel without stepping foot outside, she said.

The mobile model attracted her because there’s no traditional chair rental fee, McDonald said, which cuts down on the overhead costs and allows her to bring in more on commission and tips.

Although she’s working on her own, rather than having colleagues around, McDonald said she doesn’t miss the shop atmosphere since usually “you’re so busy you’re just talking to the clients anyway.”

So far the clientele has been a lot of businessmen, lawyers, office groups and other people who don’t want to head to a barbershop where they might have to wait for an hour, McDonald said, since many only accept walk-ins.

It was the frustration of not wanting to lose time out of your day that led Cribcut founder and entrepreneur David Howe to launch the business this past fall, he said.

While they don’t yet have clients with mobility issues, the MSVU grad said that’s someone he could see finding “a lot of value” in the service.

The hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and you can book you appointment an hour ahead of time, while payments are all done through credit card -- almost like an Uber haircut.

Although some have asked about women’s haircuts, Howe said they’re going to stick with barber services only, but might add a couple more employees this year.

“I believe that you have to be really, really focused as a business so it would be hard to branch out,” Howe said, adding he’d eventually like to bring Cribcuts into different cities.

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