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Can it, Halifax: residents say litter could be reduced with more public trash cans

The municipality is defending the number of trash cans, adding that any more would be hard to regularly empty

Trash on a Halifax street in April, 2016.

Jeff Harper/Metro File

Trash on a Halifax street in April, 2016.

It’s not only pretty flowers that pop up when the snow melts.

Readers have reacted in recent days to piles of garbage littering streets, properties and roadway. Some have also expressed dismay over the lack of municipal trash receptacles.

“One thing that has bothered me for years is the lack of trash containers in provincial parks during the ‘off’ season. Parks and beaches typically close from Thanksgiving Day to Victoria Day but people continue to use them year round,” Hugh Chisholm wrote in an email to Metro.

“Sadly, some people just toss their trash on the ground. It's especially a problem with dog walkers. It's hard enough to get dog owners to pick up after them when there's a container a metre away but it's nearly impossible when you expect them to pick it up, carry it back to their vehicle and take it home.”

Municipal spokeswoman Tiffany Chase said litter complaints always spike in the spring. During the past two weeks, she said maintenance staff have switched from winter operations to spring and summer activities and residents should soon see improvements.

There are about 2,300 municipal garbage receptacles along streets, sidewalks and at transit stops throughout the municipality.

“The reason we don’t’ have many more thousand garbage cans is that requires ongoing maintenance and so we would be required to conduct regular maintenance and monitoring of all of those bins whether they have material in them or not,” she said.

Complaints about litter on municipal property or suggestions for garbage receptacle sites can be made by calling 311.

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