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Nova Scotia election roundup

HALIFAX — (Liberals-Health)

Nova Scotia's Liberal Party is promising to ensure Nova Scotians have better access to highly trained medical specialists.

The party's candidate for Sydney-Whitney Pier says a Liberal government would invest in recruiting and retaining specialists to reduce surgical wait times.

Derek Mombourquette says the Liberals will invest $13.5 million over three years to expand the specialist residency program.

He says the Liberals would also add 15 new positions to Dalhousie Medical School, with five positions located in Cape Breton.

(The Canadian Press)



An NDP candidate in the Sydney area says the Liberal election campaign platform offers nothing for Cape Breton.

Sydney-Whitney Pier candidate Madonna Doucette says the Liberal platform fails to invest in what matters most to families, seniors and children in Cape Breton.

She says many people in the area don't have a family doctor due to a lack of spending on primary health care.

Doucette says an NDP government would invest at least $17 million in the doctor shortage in Cape Breton.

(The Canadian Press)



Nova Scotia's Progressive Conservatives are calling on the Liberals and NDP to explain their plans for a provincial carbon tax.

The Tories say a cap-and-trade system would burden Nova Scotia families and businesses by making the price of everything from gasoline to home heating fuel more expensive.

They say voters should know the plan of each party before heading to the polls on May 30.

The Tories say they would not impose a carbon tax in any form on the province.

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An accountant, a United Church minister and a former Annapolis Valley businessman will square off tonight in a televised leaders debate less than two weeks before Nova Scotians head to the polls.

The leaders of Nova Scotia's top political parties will have 90 minutes to make their pitch on the province's future.

Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil, Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie and NDP Leader Gary Burrill will dole out stump speeches and trade barbs on issues including labour relations, education, health and the economy.

The CBC debate could be decisive in determining the province's next premier.

(The Canadian Press)


(N.S. Election Roundup by The Canadian Press)

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