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Take time to Roll the Dice: new board game café opens in Halifax

The new space on Qunipool Road is seeing people of all ages drop in to play classic games and find new favourites.

Roll the Dice owner Zack Amiri poses for a photo at the new game board cafe on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

Nicole Gnazdowsky/For Metro

Roll the Dice owner Zack Amiri poses for a photo at the new game board cafe on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

The owner of a new board game café is hoping to spark some nostalgia while also adding a bit of entertainment to Quinpool Road.  

Zack Amiri is the owner of Roll the Dice Board Game Café and Restaurant, and he's taken his passion for gaming and turned it into a space where people of all ages can gather together with their favorite games and enjoy each other’s company.

“Everybody loves board games. We have games for everybody, children come with their family, we’ve had seniors, students, that’s the amazing thing about board games, they bring family and friends together,” said Amiri.

Following in the footsteps of popular downtown Halifax game board café The Board Room, which opened in 2013 and now has a second location in Bedford, Roll the Dice recently opened at 6386 Quinpool Rd.

For a $5 fee anyone can gain access to an extensive library of board games, from classics like Monopoly to popular newer favorites like Catan.

Amiri hopes the combination of good food, local beer and great entertainment will encourage people to put down their phones, step away from social media and just enjoy.

“This is a healthy environment you really go with your friend, and you feel you are with your friend. Not everyone is on their cell phone, everybody is excited, they chat, it gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills - you have to be smart,” said Amiri.

Server Carla Jabalee said board games allow people to feel nostalgic, and that will be a huge draw for the café.

“They can come in and get excited when they see six or seven games that they hadn’t seen since they were little kids, or look up and notice that their favorite TV show has its own game- they can essentially have a fun board game night without ever having to clean up their houses,” she said.

Roll the Dice is open from 11 a.m. until midnight every day except Friday and Saturday, when they remain open for an extra hour of gaming until 1 a.m. 

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