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This really stinks: Man has jacket stolen while using washroom in Nova Scotia store

Police say the jacket had the person's wallet and some cash, although the culprits were nice enough to turn in the car keys.

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Police say someone in a public washroom had their jacket stolen, and police are now looking for a pair of culprits in a crime that, let's face it, really, really stinks.

The RCMP say last Wednesday around 3 p.m., the victim was using a washroom inside the Canadian Tire location in Lower Truro when his jacket was stolen.

“The jacket contained a wallet, set of keys and an amount of cash,” a police statement on Saturday stated.  

A man was seen leaving the store shortly later with the jacket, and not soon after, a woman turned in a set of keys from the jacket to the store’s customer service desk.

“Both individuals left the store in a four-door silver sedan,” the statement went on to say.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Colchester District RCMP at 902-896-5000 or Crime Stoppers.

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